Special Projects

Three Seasons - a Commission for City of Kettering, Ohio

painting titled - Summer Garden
Summer Garden, 2013
painting - Spring Garden
Spring Garden, 2013
painting - Autumn Garden 1
Autumn Garden I, 2013
painting - Autumn Garden 2
Autumn Garden II, 2013


Patterns with Michigan poet, Jackie Bartley

image of Messenger
The Messenger, 2002
image of Sanctuary
Sanctuary, 2000
image of Waiting Room
Waiting Room, 2000


The Cape Split Cycle with Boston poet, Sue Standing

image of Mt San Angelo 7
Mt. San Angelo #7, 1995
image of Cape Split Cycle
Cape Split Cycle, 1995
image of Water Garden
Water Garden, Monotype 1996


Waterworks: Paintings and Monotypes by Katherine Kadish with poems by Sue Standing

image of Swimmer
Swimmer, 1982
image of Swimmer
Swimmer, 1983
image of Underwater
Underwater, 1982